The terms apply to all contracts concerning the rental of hotel rooms for lodging, and all the customers for other services rendered.

Conclusion of the contract
The contract comes through the adoption of the application of the customer by the hotel indicated. The hotel is free to the room reservation in writing. Contractors are the hotel and the customer. If a third party for the customer ordered, he is liable to the hotel with the customer as total debt for all obligations under the contract overnight. If the reservation for a deposit requested and not timely within the agreed time paid, the reservation commitment of purpose.

Termination / cancellation costs
The hotel is obligated to culpable failure to provide the guest room damages in the amount of the accommodation price to afford. He is entitled to reasonable fallback room in another hotel the same category. If the host from this, he is not entitled to damages on the lodging price beyond. The resignation of the customers of the hotel requires the written consent of the hotel. If this does not occur, the host is obliged to use non-contractual benefits of the agreed or the operational price to pay, minus expenses saved. The savings amount to experience overnight rates at 20 percent of the overnight rate for repurchase agreements (rooms with meals) 40 percent of the repurchase price. The hotel is in good faith kept unused room if possible to someone else in order to avoid outages. To any other rental of the room the guest has the overnight price minus savings for the duration of the contract to pay.

Has the guest will receive a benefit and is cause for complaint as soon as it is at least timely opposite the hotel or service provider (eg restaurant) out. When delayed complaint is the right to change or reduce forfeited. The sub-and re-renting the rooms and their use for purposes other than lodging is not permitted. For diversion licensed premises or disrupt the ongoing establishment of the hotel is an extraordinary dismissal to.

Check In / Out
Otherwise, without written agreement is not related to the room before 13:00 clock of the arrival day possible. The room has returned no later than 11:00 clock of the departure day to be covered. The guest has a different denominated intentions until 22:00 of the clock Eve Party. Rooms must be reserved until Before 18.00 clock of the arrival day are received. Is this not happen, then the hotel has rooms available, unless a later arrival time agreed upon or the room in advance was paid.

The brochure lists or other specified prices include the handling of money and the current tax. The online prices offered may differ from those agreed. Valid is the verbal or written agreed price.

Subject to separate arrangements is the fee for reservations is due upon arrival, otherwise with the departure of the guests. For a stay of more than 3 days, the hotel can create an interim bill. If the guest with its payment in arrears, the hotel can the agreement with immediate effect repeal.

The host or organizer of the hotel is liable for damages he caused. The hotel is liable to the guest / contractor unless the power supply in the event of a strike or a result of force majeure impossible. The hotel is liable to the host under the provisions of the Civil Code (until 100fachen the room rate, a maximum of 3,500, - Euro); for money and valuables in accordance with Section 702 BGB, but only up to 800, - Euro, unless the hotel or its staff meets a fault, or the value of goods and money were against granting the hotel to keep a receipt given.
Bring the host with a motor vehicle, and which is parked in the parking lot provided by the hotel, is this not constitute a safekeeping agreement. For loss or damage on the hotel property or parked vehicles or their contents, the hotel is not liable, except for willful misconduct or gross negligence.

Forgotten items will be send by the hotel to the guests address.  The hotel will decide  (best of our knowledge and belief) the nature of the shipment. The Standard Shipping (uninsured) up to 5.00 € is Free. The hotel is not liable for shipped items.
Should the guest wish an insured shipment, the hotel is entitled to make this into account. The hotel will also not be liable for shipped items.
Unclaimed items are disposed of after one year

Due to the corona restrictions, we have to check from which country guests are arriving. Under certain circumstances, depending on which country the guests are arriving from, a valid negative corona test must be present at check-in. In addition, we have to collect and check the guest's contact details before check-in.
We urge you to avoid checking-in after 10:00 p.m. (reception closes).
We need to make sure that guests provide plausible information about their last whereabouts and that the contact tracking forms are plausible. We also have to check whether the negative test for Cortona is necessary and valid.
These Corona requirements inevitably require that hotel staff is on site at the check-in.
If the requirements are not met, we are not allowed to accept you as a guest. There are severe penalties for guests and we should not comply with the requirements for us either.
If you check-in after 10:00 p.m. (reception closes), we will charge a flat rate of 70.00 euros for each overtime hour commenced. This additional fee is collected prior check-in as an "instant fee". If payment is not made instant at check-in, we will refuse to accept the guest.

Political events and sales events are only with the express written permission of the hotels / restaurants allowed. Between the hotel and guest contract, with payment of the bill and return the key meets. Was the key to the hotel on departure is not issued, it may call by the host and immediate return of the key demands of the house further away. Performance for all payment obligations of the hotel is the seat of the hotel.