Welcome to the bus information 2020

We offer:

- Restaurant up to 120 Person
- Special menu for Bus travelers, lunch and dinner
- Small dishes and snacks for seniors and juniors
- Proximity to the company Steiff (walking distance 3 minutes)
- Drinks and menu for Bus drivers and tour guides are free
- Englisch spoken Staff
- Barrier-free toilet, baby wrap
- Lift ground - 4th floor
Tel: +49732296780
Bus menu 50 persons (2020)
(Prices from December 2018 in Euro incl. tax)

Soup of the day
3,90 €
  Clear soup with kind of ravioli

3,90 €
  Clear soup with liver dumplings

3,90 €

Kleiner Salat vom Buffet mit Brot 
  Small salad from the buffet with bread

3,90 €
Beilage extra 
  Side dish extra
3,90 €

Rumpsteak Kräuterbutter mit Rösti
  Rumpsteak herb-flavoured butter with rösti
16,90 €
Schweinefilet an Gemüsen mit hausgemachten Spätzle 
  Filet of Pork with vegetables with home made Spaetzle (kind of noodles)
17,90 €
Feine Pestonudeln mit Lachsfiletstückchen
  Pesto noodels with filet of salmon
14,90 €
Schnitzel Wiener Art mit Pommes frites 
  Pork cuttlet Viennese style with french fries

12,90 €
Schwäbische Maultaschen "Champignons" mit frischen Champignons 
  suabian maultaschen with fresh mushroom's

12,90 €
Hähnchenbrust natur mit Basmatireis an Früchte-Currysoße
  Grilled chicken breast with Basmati rice and fruits-curry

12,90 €
Käsespätzle mit Röstzwiebeln
  Spaetzle with cheese and onions

9,90 €

Gemischtes Eis mit Schlagsahne
  Mixed ice cream with whipped creme

4,20 €
Vanilleeis mit heißen Himbeeren, Schlagsahne
  Vanilla ice creme with hot raspberries
5,50 €
Gebackene Apfelringe mit Vanilleeeis
  Baked ring of apple with vanilla ice creme
5,50 €

Exit Giengen on the A7 between Aalen and Ulm
Follow the signs .

To Hotel and Restaurant Lamm:

   - Direction "Stadtmitte"
   - follow the green sign's "Hotel Route"
   - follow the sign "P" Hotel Lamm to the parking area of the Hotel

To company Steiff:

    Turn at the "Walter-Schmid-Halle", follow the signs "Steiff-Erlebniswelt"

Parking for cars is possible in front of the hotel, buses in the Bahnhofstrasse near by the train station.